WE’LL Create an amazing work of art for you!

Stephen Moody is an Artist and Master Photographer.  His artistic imagery is a mélange of movement, color and vibration which comes together in a unique mixed media canvas for display in your home or office.

Female Art Form

Female Art Form is the fine art of artist Stephen Moody.  His visions of the female form will captivate you as they prominently hang in your home or office bringing you many hours of enjoyment.  These colorful imaginations are chameleon like in nature allowing you to see from within.

Abstract Art

The ‘Abstract Art Gallery’ offers a beautiful melange of color & design of the female form.  These artistic creations are fluid and imaginary allowing the viewer to see many different forms from their own imagination.

Angels & Demons

The ‘Angels & Demons Gallery’ are formations vibrating energy on a spiritual wavelength.  The metaphysical beauty of the imagery will enlighten your room.

La Femme

The ‘La Femme Gallery’ is comprised of passionate and seductive art of the female form.  These figures will captivate your imagination and enhance the decor in any room.

a note from the Artist

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The ‘Creative Process’ is what motivates me as an artist.  

If you can understand my artwork then you understand me.  But, you cannot comprehend me through my art as when you see my artwork you see it through your eyes, your experience, your knowledge and your comprehension.  In turn you have created something in your mind that I never intended – you have created a new piece of art in your mind.

Meeting with a client and listening to their desires that they wish to create brings me much enjoyment.  I take great pride that they had the confidence in me and, gave me the opportunity to make my client into a beautiful piece of art.

I had the opportunity to visit a client from 20 years ago and as I walked through their home I saw my artwork hanging prominently on their walls in all of their rooms.  Many of the interior designers with whom I work use my work as accent pieces to pull a room together.  I enjoy the artistic collaboration with others.

If you are wanting to create an amazing work of art of you for your home I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss different ideas that will help us to create a stunning piece of art that you will be proud to display on the walls of your home.